Selected Press


Yanko Design

YD gets the Amman Design Week 2017 Experience

How do you get an entire city, no, an entire country to talk about design? To learn how it evolved from art, culture, and an innate need to solve problems...

Design Report

Newcomers: A pretty pickle

Some Germans remember the days when sauerkraut was made home in a big stoneware crock and then left to ferment in the coolness of the cellar...


Royal College of Art Students design The Brinery home fermentation

The Brinery is a home fermentation vessel designed by a team of Royal College of Art students to kickstart interest in the "forgotten" process of preserving vegetables...


Imperial College

Food zone showcases the latest food gadgets at Imperial College

A powder to control appetite, a portable food briner, and heated cutlery are some of the innovations to go on show at this year's Imperial Festival...



The Brinery, a tool to make homemade preserves

The Brinery is a homemade fermentation tool developed by a team from the Royal College of Art, seeking to rescue their traditions and the processes of preserving...

Royal Society of the Arts

The Good Life 2.0: Highly Commended projects sponsored by Philips

Use design to empower people to better prevent, detect, treat and possibly reverse lifestyle-related health conditions...


What Design can do

Rescue your leftover food with The Brinery

Between the binary opposites of fresh and rotten exists a creative space in which some of the most unique and compelling tastes arise. Students from the Royal...


Various Exhibitions